MOODS | urban photo series

“The mind of the subject will desperately struggle to create memories where none exist…” – R. Lutece 1889 (Barriers To Trans-Dimensional Travel)

As human beings we are very fond of trusting our instincts as well as our brain; feelings, needs and most of all, memories it creates. Untouched by the fact that our brain does just that, creates memories where none exist, and reconfigure those that do not fit into our internal narrative, we chooses to take these subliminal scenes as facts; as some kind of ultimate truth of our existence. Memories become the basis for histories, ideologies and self-deception while in fact, our brain recreates reality as soon as it registers it, and what we call memories are far from an archive of experienced facts; rather it is a vault of dreams associated with whatever the facts may have been; however true or not.

Thus there is little point in stating photography as being documentary in any way, even less to be the holder of any certain “facts”. Photography is the lens through which we document ourreality and all the biases it contains, no matter if it’s called fine art or forensic. Both can not only contain deliberately constructed lies if one so wish but can be biased in a number of unconscious ways since our recall of what happened in the image has already been deconstructed and reconfigured by our brain; the fickleness of memory.

The MOODS photo series is taken using any “insta”/compact camera that produces square format images. These images are pieces of reality: or rather slices of time to which history is no longer appropriate since it’s been many times recalculated and re-evaluated and thus open to free interpretation. The images are presented as is and it is up to the viewer to have his own memories, valid or not, triggered and recalled; possibly refitted into the concept in front of him or her. MOODS exhibit as framed digital print on paper, square format.

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