Henka | stencil art in the street

Henka is an ongoing project in which I use stencils to create pieces based on 9 words that have a powerful meaning in both the Japanese and Western Anglo-Saxon cultures. The idea is to not only question the meaning of these words and the values they have to us in the West, but also to explore the reaction to non-English symbols in a culture that is saturated by the English language.

The use of unknown symbols within a public space touches on so many subjects, We are so used to messages and symbols that are easy to understand and decipher, to the point that we lost a critical approach to most messages we face in the street on a daily basis. As a Western society we almost expect anything and everything to be either in the local language or in English. In these days of general paranoia regarding the unknown, foreign text and symbols in public space becomes almost subversive.

This is a pretty fresh project and I am still working on both the context and the actual designs. This space will probably change a lot before I call it final and done. ^^

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this material is licensed CC BY-SA 2017 | see the CC statement | silenceisgrand