Döda Ting (Dead Objects) | mixed media and photo series

Döda Ting (“dead objects”, loosely translated) is a project collaboration between Silenceisgrand and Swedish visual artist and painter Saga Ljunglöf. The project is an exploration of the living, wool as an organic material, and the dead symbolized by the minimalist sculptures as well as the cold black surfaces.

It is also a study in various forms of perception. The woolen sculptures are tiny objects one must look at from a close distance and with care to see the details. The photographs on the other hand are a macro perspective and far bigger in size, independent from the original objects. Döda Ting exhibits as a duality between dead and living, a perception of the objects outside of what they represent individually.

Concept and sculptures by Saga Ljunglöf, photography and lighting by Silenceisgrand.

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© Saga Ljunglöf

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