Citizen Advisory; stop polluting with posters

“Empty slogans, meaningless formulations that are disguised as promises but are only opium for the masses. In times of ravaging exploitation of natural resources, escalating costs of energy consumption, and an acute need for a sustainable environmental master plan, tens of thousands of posters proclaiming toothless election propaganda is nothing else but a huge irony at best, and environmental homicide at worst.”

Every election produces garbage, visual as well as literal such. Hundreds of thousand posters are produced to pollute our visual space with retouched faces and meaningless slogans. This is not only electoral fluff but violates any environmental agenda the political parties may have lied up.

There could scarcely be a better way in election times for all the political partied to show that none of them knows or cares about the environment, outside of what is necessary according to their propaganda people.

Educate your politico, tell them to stop throwing money literally on garbage making, diminishing even more of our scares resources and instead actually do what they promise to do for once! Or just put a sticker on top…

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